Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bandi Fried Rice

I used to love the taste of the roadside fried rice back in Hyderabad. The vegetables were crunchy and the rice was perfectly cooked and fried. I tried to replicate the same at home and I think I have come close to the real thing.

1.   1 large onion ( finely chopped)
2.  One cup Carrot ( Finely chopped)
3.  One cub green beans ( finely chopped)
4.  1 tsp pepper powder
5.  Cooked Rice ( 2 cups)
6.  1 egg
7.  1 cup green onins ( finely chopped)
8.  3 tsp oil
9.  Maggie tastemaker/ Chicken Bullion (you will get in the stores in the soup isle)

·         Heat the pan on medium flame, add oil. Once oil is heated, add onions and let them fry till brown.
·         Add Carrots and Beans increase the frame a bit, fry till you can see the beans and carrots slightly burnt about 5 minutes. This will retain the crunch in the vegetables.
·         Reduce the flame to medium and push the vegetables aside in the pan, on the other side add beated egg.
·         After egg is almost cooked, stir the mixture to make it even
·         Add Rice, Green onions, pepper powder, powdered tastemaker and salt.
·         Serve hot with some raw onions and lemon or sauce of your choice.
Tip: It is best made with left over rice. The taste is in the vegetables, so dont holdback even if you did'nt have the tastemaker on hand.

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