Baby Stuff

When I gave birth to my first child, I had no clue what I was going through and what was going to happen to me afterwards. This feeling changed when I had my second baby. I was more confident and knew exactly what to expect next. My daughter is 5 months old time just flies. 

Check the below link for useful recommendations before your little one arrives.

I will cut to the chase. Below are the things that worked for me with both my babies. I wanted to record it before I had amnesia. First off, don’t just buy whatever you feel like, look up product reviews, there is a reason why some items have better reviews than other.

This is the best money I ever spent on my baby. The pillow made it so easy to give bath in the tub, especially when she was so tiny. This is easy to clean and drains within minutes. 

Bath Pillow

My son was still a toddler (kind of), when I was almost due with my baby girl. I wanted something that could sustain his weight as well, in case he wanted to use it..And he did use it. By the time baby arrived, my son was done sitting on the rocker. This is a bouncer cum rocker cum chair cum sleeper. Definitely consider this when you are ready to buy.

My friend was so kind to lend us this portable bed for the baby. I was surprised why none of my friends recommended it to be before or I was not paying attention . This bed helped me keep the baby with me at night, without having worry about me hurting her in sleep.  My baby outgrew it within a month, but it was the most useful gift I ever received, for that month.

Baby Sleep along portable bed
Baby Carrier
This was a life saver during my trip to India. I was assured that the baby would not fall off from my lap and also helped me carry luggage with the baby on me. Totally worth every penny spent on it.  This is front and back facing. When the baby got tired of looking at me, I could turn her around easily.

Easy Wash Baby Bib

After using multiple bibs that get stained and fail to get completely spotless I found this one at our local Shoprite and totally love it. This is the only one I use now. I wish I had known this sooner. All I have to do is run it under the tab and woala!

You can try your local store for cheaper versions of the same exact thing.

An Excellent Stroller

I was so focused on getting the best deal on a stroller, that I ignored the fact that I will be stuck with it for the next one and half year. By the time I had my second child things that were on the top of my list were:
  • ·         Light weight
  • ·         Easy to open and close
  • ·         Comfortable for the baby
  • ·         Color that would not stain
I We bought the Graco FastAction fold and I strongly recommend it.

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